Jigsaw Massage is an eCommerce brand in the health and wellness industry.  The brand aims to bring affordable, professional recovery to everyone with their professionally designed massage devices and adapters.

Black Cat Media helped Jigsaw Massage with a strategy that would introduce new people to the brand and highlight the unique product offered by Jigsaw Massage. The health and wellness industry is very competitive and requires brands to stand out in the crowded space. With a goal to grow sales volume, while maintaining a healthy return on ad spend, we focused our efforts on Facebook, Instagram, and Google to maximize performance.


We executed a multi-touch strategy with potential customers across platforms during the buying process.  The strategy allowed us to introduce the brand to many new customers, keeping the brand top of mind utilizing remarketing efforts and highlighted different key brand massages to improve the likelihood of purchase.  Additionally, the strategy was optimized for mobile devices, given over 70% of impression share and purchases are being made from mobile devices.

Facebook and Instagram were the prospecting platforms used to find potential new customers.  We utilized both interest and lookalike audiences as they allowed us to efficiently reach new people while also providing the most robust persona data for a new to market brand. Our sequential remarketing strategy focused on people who had recently viewed products, abandoned cart, and visited any remaining pages.


Jigsaw Massage saw a significant increase in purchase volume and return on ad spend through the multi-touch mobile-first strategy.  The brand was able to increase their marketing efforts and scale their business at a much faster rate as a result.

This strategy has achieved:

  • 126% increase in return on ad spend

  • 33% decrease in cost per acquisition

  • 71% increase in MoM purchases