Robbins Rehabilitation West Case Study


Robbins Rehabilitation is a privately owned physical therapy practice helping treat patients with a variety of injuries, focused on chronic pain reduction. The practice has been servicing the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania for 15 years and has been the recipient of countless awards in their community.

The primary goal was to acquire new patients. With the addition of a fifth location, the practice could support additional patients each month. We set our goal to drive leads to their site, as this is their number one way of converting new patients.


With a clear goal of driving leads to the practice's website, we built a strategy to reach potential new patients within a 15-mile radius of their clinics, composed of a demographic aged 35 and older.

With our target audience set, we optimized their website and landing page to improve lead collection. This optimization focused on improving page content by including a short video clip of their Pain Reduction Series and workshops rather than static photos, providing potential new-patients with a clear understanding of how Robbins Rehabilitation could help ease their pain.

After narrowing down the correct age demographic, we A/B tested various campaign objectives and ad units to find the lowest cost per lead.  Over the next few weeks we slowly increase the daily budget to reach more people and collect leads.  

Additionally, we used Facebook & Instagram remarketing ads for the business to reach past website visitors to stay top of mind during the research phase and eventually signup up for their first appointment.


Robbins Rehabilitation enjoyed significant growth from its social media advertising campaigns. Not only did sales increases as a result of the leads, brand awareness also rose among its desired demographic in their town.  

The business has achieved some great results:

  • 32 new leads per month

  • 3x more leads than print advertising

  • 162% increase in website traffic


  • Website

  • Landing Pages

  • Facebook

  • Instagram


  • Images ads

  • Carousel ads

  • Lead ads