Maple Creek is a members-only, 18-hole golf course and country club in Indianapolis, IN dedicated to offering its members an exceptional experience each time they walk through their doors.

They asked us to help them develop and execute a strategy that would help acquire new members.  As a private country club, Maple Creek depends on golf memberships to operate and make improvements to the club.  With a goal to acquire new members, we focused our social media strategy to drive people to a landing page collecting leads that the club's Membership Director could follow-up on.


As a local business we built a strategy to reach potential new members within a 10-mile radius of the golf course, composed of a demographic aged 28 and older, interested in golf, with an income level that is inline with the club’s current membership.  Next, we designed carousel and lead ad units to help properly showcase the club’s offerings, along with capture leads seamless from the Facebook newsfeed.  

With our target audience and ad units set, we optimized their website and landing page to improve lead collection. This optimization focused on improving page content by adding additional content to educate the visitor on golf memberships, utilizing social proof and awards to build trust.  We also deployed a website exit intent pop-up to capture interested visitors contact information who are interested in learning more about membership opportunities.

We understand that our jobs as marketers isn’t complete after the initial campaign goes live.  We continually tested various targeting segments, images, copy and ad units of the campaign to improve performance.  The learnings from the tests helped us refine the strategy over time to help improve the overall cost per lead.


  • Website

  • Landing Pages

  • Facebook

  • Instagram


  • Carousel ads

  • Lead ads


Maple Creek saw an increase in business by advertising on social media and improving their website experience for collecting leads.  Not only did memberships increase as a result of the new leads, but more of the desired demographic in their community are now aware of the golf course. 

The business has achieved some great results:

  • 22x return on ad spend

  • 2x increase in monthly leads

  • 120% increase in website traffic