Finding the Best Facebook Advertising Agency for Your Company


At Black Cat Media Consulting, we have a passion for what we do and we love to share our passion through educating and empowering our clients.  As a company that believes in being honest and transparent, we embrace our competitors rather than shy away from them. Knowing you need to be advertising on Facebook but not knowing where to start can be frustrating. You may be asking yourself, "Where do I find the best Facebook advertising agency to help me boost my business?" and "What do I need an agency to do for my company once I do find one to help us?". These are probably the two most common questions business' are asking themselves today. As you begin to start your search to hire an outside company to help you, there are three main areas to consider in making the right choice, capabilities, cost, and structure.  

  • Does the agency have the capabilities to help you achieve your business goal which could be anything from awareness, engagement, or traffic to a website, or all the way to lead generation, video views, app install or purchases?

  • Can they accomplish your goal at the most efficient rate, which includes the cost to product and run your ads as well as the agency's cost?

  • Should you hire an agency or a consultant? What do you gain or loose by choosing one over the other?

Here is a list of Facebook advertising agencies to consider when you begin your search.  


The Facebook and Instagram advertising agency brings a fast-paced approach to managing Facebook ad campaigns.  Advertisemint focuses on ROI through continuous training, the latest in ad technology, and ensuring focus is always on the goals for each campaign. The price to work with Advertisement is 10% - 30% of the cost of your ad spend, plus the ad spend itself.



Voy Media offers fully comprehensive Facebook Advertising services which includes everything needed to get your Facebook PPC campaign up and running smoothly.  The three-plus-year-old agency implements and manages Facebook Ad campaigns for growing your businesses. The price to work with Voy Media is 5% - 20% of the cost of your ad spend, plus the ad spend itself.



Big Flare is an online paid traffic agency that specializes in direct response advertising campaigns on Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising.  They build and optimize PPC campaigns as a fully-managed service for their clients. The price to work with Big Flare is 5% - 20% of the cost of your ad spend with a minimum of $1000 per month, plus the ad spend itself.



The digital agency focuses their advertising efforts not only on Facebook but also various other platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Adwords and YouTube.  The large digital agency considers themselves experts in scaling your advertising on social media & search with focusing exclusively on direct response and customer acquisition for performance advertisers in eCommerce, lead generation, and mobile. The price to work with OrionCKB is typically 15% of the cost of your ad spend, plus the ad spend itself.



Visify is a digital marketing agency that works with growing small businesses, startups, and marketing agencies worldwide.  This New York City-based agency focuses most of their advertising efforts on Facebook, Adwords and Linkedin helping businesses selling high-ticket services, either to other business owners or to larger organizations. Visify does not publicly share they cost to work with them. 


Did you know a Facebook advertising consultant like us offers most of the same capabilities and services as a Facebook advertising agency, but often at a much more affordable price?  We're experts in maximizing how to use your advertising dollars to drive real results rather than fluffed up stats.    

We would love to talk about your business' goals and find out how we can help.  We offer monthly managed end-to-end marketing solutions for Facebook advertising and all other social media platforms.  Check out our Services page to learn more about what we offer or Contact Us to schedule your free 30-minute consultation call.