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How Facebook’s Transparency Updates Will Change How You Advertise

If you've turned on a TV or picked up a newspaper in the past 6 months you've no doubt seen a headline about Facebook Transparency. In the wake of the 2016 Elections and the Cambridge Analytica scandal, everyone is talking about what Facebook is doing to tell its users why it's seeing an ad. We LOVE transparency at Black Cat, it's a tenet we built our business on, but we've also been receiving a lot of questions about how this will impact advertising for brands who aren't trying to influence elections. We rounded up the most common questions we've heard and answered them for you. 

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Finding the Best Facebook Advertising Agency for Your Company

Knowing you need to be advertising on Facebook but not knowing where to start can be frustrating. You may be asking yourself, "Where do I find the best Facebook advertising agency to help me boost my business?" and "What do I need an agency to do for my company once I do find one to help us?". These are probably the two most common questions business' are asking themselves today. As you begin to start your search to hire an outside company to help you, there are three main areas to consider in making the right choice, capabilities, cost, and structure.  

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