Why you need an Instagram Ads Consultant

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600+ Million

Active Instagram users each month*


Of the total US population      uses Instagram*


Of users have used their mobile phone to make a purchase online*


Instagram is becoming one of the fastest growing platforms for advertisers as organic reach continues to dwindle. The 2017 Global Social Media Research Summary found that Instagram was the second most engaged with social media platform, behind Facebook, with over 600 million active users each month. With those kinds of numbers your ideal customer is likely using this social platform on a regular basis. 

One of the main things to keep in mind when working on the strategy with your Instagram ads consult is the user behavior.  It's completely different than other social platforms like Facebook or Twitter since it's designed for a 100% mobile viewing experience.  The user is viewing your content in a different environment since their smartphone can be accessed anywhere at any time.

First set your Instagram Ads objective

The key to any successful advertising campaign is to work backwards from the campaign's business goal.  This approach will help ensure you're selecting the correct Instagram advertising objective, so users are taking the correct action when they interact with your ads.   Each campaign strategy starts with one of three main objectives:


Awareness: Get your Instagram ads in front of your customers numerous times to increase awareness for your product or business. 

Consideration: Get people more excited by having them interact with your ads, offer, trial or website.

Conversion: Get people to take action by making a purchase or signing up for your service. 


Targeting the correct people with your Instagram ads

Instagram does not only use its own user targeting data, but it also uses Facebook's.  This is extremely helpful when reaching your ideal customer on the social platform.  After you've selected the best objective for your business, build audience segments of your ideal customer. 


Demographic: Using all the information users provide, target potential customers using their location, ages, gender, as well as home type, life events like birthdays, political background and much, much more. 

Interests & Behavior:  Target people who've liked or followed a specific page, searched for a topic or recently purchased a product. 

Connections: Some of the most valuable audiences are those who've interacted with your business in the past. These interactions can anything from website visitors, liked or followed your page, video viewers or given you their email address. 


Choosing the correct Instagram Ad type

Once the objective and targeting is set, you can now choose an ad type that aligns with both.  There are four main ad types on Instagram.  We customize every ad type for our clients because an ad type on Instagram might not work on Facebook, no two social media platforms are alike. 



These ads help grow your website traffic by allowing people to easily click through on the call to action button.



Allows the user to scroll through multiple images or videos and click through to your website on what peaks their interest the most. 



Instagram is more than a photo sharing platform.  These ads will help get your video in front of more people to watch and increase views.



The only ad that displays vertically and doesn’t appear in the news, taking up the entire screen and has the user's full attention.


Interested in Working Together? 

We would love to talk about your business' goals and find out how we can help.  We offer monthly managed end-to-end marketing solutions for Instagram advertising and all other social media platforms.  Check out our Services page to learn more about what we offer or Contact Us to schedule your free 30 minute consultation call.