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How to Create & Maximize the Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is the foundation of Facebook's advertising engine and a necessary component to successfully advertise on the platform. One of the most important things to understand is what is the Facebook Pixel and why is it important? Whether you are currently running ads on Facebook or not, you should have the pixel installed on your website in order to start collect a great depth of information about your customers. 

It's important to have customer data on hand to learn about your audience's behavior to make more informed decisions.  Additionally, when you do begin to advertise on Facebook you will have collected a history of your customers' behavior to create better, more successful campaigns.   

Understand the Why and How of the Facebook Pixel:

  • Creating and installing your Facebook Pixel

  • How to install  a pixel on a Squarespace website

  • The Facebook Pixel Helper

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Understanding & Using Facebook Remarketing to Meet your Goals

Facebook remarketing is one of the most powerful tools a brand can utilize when advertising. On average, the over 1.8 billion Facebook users access their profile eight times per day. Beyond use and reach, Facebook also has more than 25 different attributes that can be used to identify and target the right customer based on their previous interactions with your brand. 

Most websites rely on cookie data to reach people when remarketing to them, however, the problem with cookie-based remarketing is it’s not always accurate. If you have multiple people sharing a computer or someone is moving between devise, you could be wasting your budget on the wrong person who didn’t originally interact with your brand or miss out on those who have but moved to a new device. 

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