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Understanding & Using Facebook Remarketing to Meet your Goals

Facebook remarketing is one of the most powerful tools a brand can utilize when advertising. On average, the over 1.8 billion Facebook users access their profile eight times per day. Beyond use and reach, Facebook also has more than 25 different attributes that can be used to identify and target the right customer based on their previous interactions with your brand. 

Most websites rely on cookie data to reach people when remarketing to them, however, the problem with cookie-based remarketing is it’s not always accurate. If you have multiple people sharing a computer or someone is moving between devise, you could be wasting your budget on the wrong person who didn’t originally interact with your brand or miss out on those who have but moved to a new device. 

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Dental Practice Advertising with Social Media

Creating a strategic dental practice advertising plan can be complex and for many overwhelming. Choosing the right platforms, setting the right objectives, and understanding how to choose the best custom audience will set your ads apart from your competition. Social media users are going to see ads. Now, how do you get them to see yours.

According to Deloitte's 2015 Global Mobile Consumer Survey*, approximately 78% of the nearly 50,000 respondents owning smartphones said they checked social media networks within 15 minutes of waking up. And in their 2016 Survey, they found that smartphone owners still ranked shopping as the No. 1 activity while using their phone, with 93% of respondents reporting they fall into this bucket*

So why does this matter if you're a dentist? Advertising reaches new patients that otherwise may never know you exists and the key to advertising is to go where the people are. People are telling us they're on their phones and engaging with their various social media accounts. 

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Why you need a Facebook Ads Consultant

As a Facebook Ads Consultant, we providing small to medium sized businesses with a Facebook advertising strategy, creating end-to-end marketing solutions that align with your business’ goals.  We start with your goals, we focus on targeting the right potential new customers, & we build ads that those people want to see. We're the experts in maximizing how to use your advertising dollars to drive real results rather than fluffed up stats.

Businesses need to advertise where people's attention and time is spent most. Customers no longer look to billboards or read ads in newspapers and magazines to find out what to buy or who to buy it from.  They're on their computers and smartphones scrolling through their social media accounts checking out what their friends like and what's popular in their newsfeeds.  

Gone are the days where posting to your Facebook page is enough. With so much in everyone's newsfeed your business needs something that stands out against the rest. Facebook advertising allows businesses to reach the right people, capture their attention and drive results by putting your business at the fingertips.  

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