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Why you need an Instagram Ads Consultant

One of the main things to keep in mind when building the strategy with your Instagram ads consultant is the user behavior.  It's completely different than other social platforms like Facebook or Twitter since it's designed for a 100% mobile viewing experience.  The user is viewing your content in a different environment since their smartphone can be accessed anywhere at any time.

Instagram is becoming one of the fastest growing platforms for advertisers as organic reach continues to dwindle. The 2017 Global Social Media Research Summary found that Instagram was the second most engaged with social media platform, behind Facebook, with over 600 million active users each month. With those kinds of numbers your ideal customer is likely using this social platform on a regular basis. 

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Dental Practice Advertising with Social Media

Creating a strategic dental practice advertising plan can be complex and for many overwhelming. Choosing the right platforms, setting the right objectives, and understanding how to choose the best custom audience will set your ads apart from your competition. Social media users are going to see ads. Now, how do you get them to see yours.

According to Deloitte's 2015 Global Mobile Consumer Survey*, approximately 78% of the nearly 50,000 respondents owning smartphones said they checked social media networks within 15 minutes of waking up. And in their 2016 Survey, they found that smartphone owners still ranked shopping as the No. 1 activity while using their phone, with 93% of respondents reporting they fall into this bucket*

So why does this matter if you're a dentist? Advertising reaches new patients that otherwise may never know you exists and the key to advertising is to go where the people are. People are telling us they're on their phones and engaging with their various social media accounts. 

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